What is Pediatric Acupuncture?  



What if my child is afraid of needles? 

Fortunately within Chinese Medicine, there are a number of modalities that can be used besides needles (we refer to them as 'taps' so children do not get scared). On the first visit, we introduce the child to acupuncture and only do it if they agree. If not, there are a number of other modalities including Shonishin, Ear Seeds, Cupping, Light Therapy, Reiki and Bodywork that do not require needles and yield a similar benefit. Children are very sensitive to touch and with the use of Shonishin, in essence a form of bodywork that utilizes specialized techniques within the framework of Traditional Oriental Medicine to balance the child’s energy and stimulate or sedate the energetic pathways as needed. Since this is non-invasive and non-threatening to the child, the children often enjoy their treatments and look forward to continuing their therapy.

Once I build a trusted relationship with your child, I promise you that they will be open to trying anything because they know it makes them feel better. I also welcome you to bring your child to a wellness clinic so that your child can meet me and get a taste of what pediatric acupuncture is all about. 

Can Chinese Medicine be used in conjunction with Western Medicine? 

Yes and this is beautiful thing about integrative medicine. Chinese medicine will review the symptoms your child is presented with and assess what the underlying root cause is. Then through the use of acupuncture, herbs, nutritional modifications and supplements as necessary, you will be happily pleased with the progress your child is making using both Western and Eastern Modalities. 

Do you treat adults?  

Yes. I work with adults, children and families to achieve optimal health. Acupuncture can treat a number of ailments including pain, digestive issues, headaches, hormonal imbalance, infertility, depression, and much more. I also do facial rejuvenation acupuncture that includes a full body treatment and also needles on the face that increase the glow of your skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. 

My teenager is very stressed. Can Acupuncture help?  

Yes. Teenagers have so much going on both with school, life, emotions and stressors. Many times, teens do not know who they can speak to or why they are feeling their heart beating faster, anxiety at school, stress about grades and or social-emotional issues. Acupuncture is very beneficial for this population because acupuncture targets the nervous system and impacts brain chemistry. Studies show that it increases production of endorphins, alleviates severe symptoms of anxiety and stress, and produces an overall calming effect. 

I'm not sure my child will like the treatment?  

I offer monthly wellness clinics at various locations in Los Angeles that are very affordable and designed to increase access to this wonderful medicine.  Bring your child/teen to a monthly wellness clinic where the child gets a 15-minute needle-less treatment from me that is aimed at increasing immunity.

Is there any evidence that Pediatric Acupuncture works?   

Given the interest by parents of holistic modalities to treat their children, a synopsis of the evidence based research on pediatric acupuncture was compiled. I encourage you to review this publication and see why Pediatric Acupuncture is a safe and effective modality for your child. I treat children, adults and teens in my clinic and community clinics. 

Link to the Pediatric Evidence Based Acupuncture Summary


  • Dharma Health Institute

    “I take my 3 year old who has special needs to Anisa and I have found that the treatments she does on my daughters digestion, has helped immensely with her reaching some developmental milestones. I feel happy that I can do something beyond just physical therapy to ensure she is healthy and strong. ”


  • Dharma Health Institute

    “My teenager was having headaches and we tried everything. Chinese medicine helped and Anisa gave me some tips on how to help with my son's anxiety. She combines Ayurveda and Chinese medicine with homeopathy. Its really neat. ”


  • Dharma Health Institute

    “My 6 month old had a horrible cough that wouldn't go away. With specific drainage therapies, that I had never heard of, and shonishin, which is non needle acupuncture for kids, she resolved her lingering cough in just 2 treatments. This mom thing is no joke and Anisa puts you at ease. ”


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