About Anisa Kassim, MPH, LAc, CHES

Hello and thank you for considering us as part of your families health care team. 

I am a Public Health Educator and Licensed Acupuncturist and have been working in the field of health for about 20 years. I started off my career in the area of Public Health for over 10 years. I worked worldwide, assisting practitioners in the development of their health programs and training health workers on effective, cost-effective and minimally invasive techniques for the care of individuals in their community and villages.  I chose to further my education in Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine because of its proven efficacy in preventing diseases and helping improve the quality of life of both adults and children.

As a dual trained Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine practitioner, I am able to help families come up with holistic strategies for care. My hope is that I can create a trusted relationship with your child and can be an informational resource for your whole family so your child can flourish and be the amazing little soul he or she is meant to be. I use knowledge from my Western, Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine background to assess the constitution of your child  and create a customized strategy that fits your child's unique needs. I also work with families (i.e. adults) to ensure the entire household is healthy and happy. I work with a number of women throughout their pregnancy to ensure the health of mama and baby are energetically and physically balanced and enjoy meeting the little ones when they visit us Earthside. My passion for prevention and wellness, rooted in my public health experiences, allows me to be a compassionate and caring health care provider for your entire family. 

I am thankful for my mentors and teachers for their wisdom including Robin Ray Green, LAC, Soma Glick, LAc,  David Twicken, LAc, Dorine Karlin, LAc, ND, Huabing Wen, LAc, Benny. Lin, LAc and Master Zi. 

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Why Sunflower Wellness? 

I am often asked why I chose the name "Sunflower". First off, anyone that knows me, knows that all my life, I have loved sunflowers. They make me happy. They are simple, bright, and radiant. They put a smile on my face. 

When I thought about a name for my practice that represented children (and families), I was reminded of a Sunflower. A Sunflower starts off like a little seed, much like our children. Depending on how much we water them, nourish them with love, food, and care, they will grow up to be strong, beautiful and bring others and joy. A child is just this. We are given the task as parents to help nurture our child and make the best possible choices for our child given the enormous amount of health information that is being sent our way. The best thing we can do is to be educated on what we can do and then make the best choice. 

I promise to nurture your child, much like a Sunflower, to make sure they are strong, happy and balanced so they can be bold and bright just like a Sunflower. 

  • Dharma Health Institute

    “This place is a must try if you have any ailments! Their holistic approach to wellness has truly helped me. I have a lot of pain that I get treated with Anisa through acupuncture and both she and Master Zi have helped teach me how to change my lifestyle in ways that has drastically reduced a lot of my issues. I can't express enough that even if you're skeptical but looking for a new approach to things, just give them a try!”

  • Dharma Health Institute

    “I just had a treatment in the Hyperbaric Tank at the Dharma Health Institute. I feel great full of energy. Everybody at this place is so friendly and helpful. Anisa checked in on me and made me feel very comfortable. I can highly recommend them.
    I am going back for more and I am going to try a Tai Chi class too.”

  • Dharma Health Institute

    “I was nervous about getting acupuncture as I have never experienced it before. Anisa was amazing. She hosted a group session and I was super calm, and loved it. Anisa was such a gem and so calming. I would highly recommend Dharma Health to folks looks for true masters in their abilities in acupuncture, yoga and Tai Chi. If I were closer to the studio, I would be there often.”