Offering ways to support your health from a distance including Phototherapy (light therapy) for Acupoint Stimulation, Supplements and Meridian Balancing Reiki

Use light therapy to stimulate acupuncture points in the comfort of your own home and get all the BENEFITS

Acupressure and acupuncture are effective ways of stimulating the body's innate healing mechanisms - decreasing inflammation and pain, increasing organ function, and improving energy and digestion (just to name a few).

Unlike medications, there are virtually no side effects.

Hundreds if not thousands of studies have been conducted that are helping us understand the physiological mechanisms and beneficial effects of acupoint stimulation. I see the benefits in my clinic. Whether I'm using acupuncture needles or phototherapy (low-level light therapy) IT WORKS!

By  using light therapy on acupuncture points, it elicits specific biological responses - without putting any chemicals or substances into the body. This technology, initially developed for the military, simply initiates the body's innate healing mechanisms. 

Feedback from clients and users of LifeWave patches  includes significant improvements in my energy, stamina and sleep. I have patched individuals in the hospital to help with sleep, digestion and calming the nervous system. My children have benefited directly from the patches including decrease in fevers, reduction in cough/cold symptoms, increased immunity and much more. My clients have raved of their benefits and I have been able to advance the trajectory of healing with these patches. 


On the left used for a client that was experiencing a headache. 


On the right, used on a child to help decrease fever. 




Phototherapy has been around for over 100 years. It's very well researched and the benefits are numerous. Low level light therapy is very safe and will not cause any damage to the skin - in fact it does just the opposite!

There are over 70 studies measuring the physiological improvements Lifewave patches activate such as reductions in pain, swelling, and inflammation. It also helps support immunity, digestion, energy, sleep quality, stress adaptation, wound healing, skin and wrinkles. Check out the science here.

The results are consistent with what I've seen with acupuncture and phototherapy devices, but now it's available for use at home! 

Meridian Balancing Reiki

I am a certified Reiki practitioner and am able to do distance consults to help balance the body. Using Reiki and my knowledge of Chinese Medicine, I am able to assess imbalances in the body and meridian system and help rebalance, while you are in the comfort of your own home. We are online the whole time via Zoom so that we are virtually together. Then, with the use of Phototherapy, I can mail you the appropriate patches that are needed to bring your body back in balance. Sessions can be done on adults and children. Children do not need to lay down to receive the benefits. Many times, based on the balances that are felt, I provide 1-2  Tai Chi or Qi Gong movements to help with achieving optimal health. 

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